In search of antlers & tree house cabin

About the getaway

You will go looking for stags, surrounded by an untouched and preserved ecosystem. Our specialist guide will show you the stag’s lifestyle by looking for clues in this private forest in the heart of Brenne. Enjoy your own inconspicuous cabin tree secretly shelterd by this private forest and listen to the unusual bell of stags….


Day 1

  • You will be welcome by Donatien who will introduce you to the world of stags
  • You will go looking for stag tracks and enjoy a country picnic
  • Gourmet dinner in your own cabin, perfect for observation and listening for stags


Day 2

  • Breakfast served in your cabin
  • Departure

Looking for stag’s antlers

As soon as you arrive, Donation will warmly welcome you to this lovely estate with the magnificent feudal Chateau du Fou as a backdrop. After a passionate lecture on stags lifestyle, you will be ready to start the search for stags and stags antlers in a private property.

You will walk through fields, amble along forest paths and even trudge through branches to get as close as possible to stags and, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to take back this magic souvenir the King of the forest leaves behind every year around springtime : his moultings.

You will learn to approach your target object stealthily and to make slow progress going against the wind, which is by far the surest way to reach your objective of a stag spotting. Your only means of transportation will be your own two legs. You will be looking for clues and tracks left by deers during the night. You will specifically look for antlers in ditches, fields, healths or even at the top of pine trees. Fortunately, Donatien is a regular in the forest and will point you in the right direction to spot clues.

After a hike adapted to all participants, you will leave with tons of memorable experiences and sensations and still be in awe of this extraordinary mystery that the stag remains.

It will be time for you to get back to your treetop cabin...

Spending the night in a cabin

Live your childhood dreams and sleep in a tree with your family… This romantic cabin perched inconspicuously on a tree deep in a private family owned forest of more than 2500 hectares will become your own personal roost for an unusual night. From high over the forest, depending on the season, you will be able to gaze at doe herds, see how their fawns are born, spot wild boars, hear the unusual bell of stags, contemplate crane migration…



Day 1

  • 13.00 You will be welcome at the forest and learn a little about stags lifestyle
  • 13.30 On your way to look for stag tracks
  • 16.00 Back to your car
  • 17.00 Arriving to your cabin
  • 17.15 Time to get settled and start forest observation
  • 19.00 Gourmet dinner served at the cabin


Day 2

  • 8.30  Breakfast brought to your cabin
  • 10.00 Departure


Children must be 8 years old and more

Equipment :

  • hiking shoes
  • hiking sportswear
  • jacket windbreaker and waterproof
  • Clean change of cloths
  • warm sleeping cloths
  • Physical Challenges: hiking (5 km/ 3 miles)


Climate :

Brenne has an oceanic climate with high dominance. It is located near the Atlantic ocean west on the European continent giving Brenne a rather cool climate in the summer and a mild winter. The annual average temperature for Brenne of is 14.4 ° C (58 ° F). In terms of precipitation, they range from 600 mm to 850 mm (23.6 to 31.5). The annual average amount of sunlight exposure is close to 1900 hours per year.

How to get there :

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By road (one way)

  • From Paris 3hr15
  • From Tours 1hr30
  • From Orleans 2hr00
  • From Poitiers 1hr00
  • From the Futuroscope 1hr00
  • From Limoges 1hr00
  • From Châteauroux 1/2hr


By plane :

Poitiers Airport


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Rates *:

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* The price includes:

  • 1 traditional style picnic
  • 1 gourmet filled diner
  • 1 tree cabin
  • 1 nature guide for 1 day
  • Supervision
  • The financial guarantee funds deposited in connection Nature

* Price does not include

  • Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks aside the meal
  • Excursions, tours and optional activities
  • Tips and personal expenses
  • Personal travel insurance


Your nature holiday occurs in a wild environment. We cannot control this complex and wild ecosystem. We will present to you the way of life of the deer in its natural environment, but we cannot guarantee that you will see or hear them.

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In search of antlers & tree house cabin
In search of antlers & tree house cabin

You will go searching of antlers with a stag specialist, surrounded by an untouched and preserved ecosystem. One night in a  RSPCA  tree house cabin, secretly hidden in a private forest in the heart of the Brenne.

In search of antlers & tree house cabin

More info
  • Audience : Family
  • Duration : 1.5 days / 1 night
  • Place : Poitou / Brenne
  • Maximum number : 5 personnes
  • From 120€ VAT included / pers
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Settled for more than 20 years in the heart of the forest of Moulière near the Reserve of the Pinail, he knows each corner of this mythical place.
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