The unusual bell of the stag (group)

About the getaway


You will go looking for stags at the time of belling, surrounded by an untouched and preserved ecosystem. Our specialist guide will show you the stag’s lifestyle by looking for clues in this private forest in the heart of Brenne. Enjoy your own inconspicuous  cabin secretly shelterd by this private forest and listen to the unusual bell of stags….



Day 1

  • You will be welcome by Donatien who will introduce you to the world of stags
  • You will go looking for stag tracks and enjoy a country picnic
  • Gourmet dinner in your own cabin, perfect for observation and listening for stags


Day 2

  • Breakfast served in your cabin
  • Departure

Looking for stag tracks during belling time


As soon as you arrive, you will be warmly welcome by Donatien in a lovely property where your cabin will be located. In order to put you in the right frame of mind, your specialist guide will present the intricacies of the stag’s lifestyle, going through the different stages of his antlers and detailing the various tracks a stag can leave behind. You will learn how to have the most silent approach and walk against the wind, as this is the highest chance you’ll have to observe herds when they are resting. You might even come upon a wild boar gathering. Donatien knows the forest perfectly and will teach you how to read the tracks crossing your path. You 5 senses will have to remain alert to fully experience this extraordinary biotope. It will then be time to get back to your cabin to enjoy a gourmet dinner. While you dine, stags might feel like entertaining you by performing this incredibly fascinating sound they have been emitting since mists of time : The stag’s Bell !

Spending the night in a cabin


Live your childhood dreams and sleep in a tree… This romantic cabin perched inconspicuously on a tree deep in a private family owned forest of more than 2500 hectares will become your own personal roost for an unusual night. From high over the forest, depending on the season, you will be able to gaze at doe herds, see how their fawns are born, spot wild boars, hear the unusual bell of stags, contemplate crane migration…



Day 1

  • 11.00 You will be welcome at the forest and learn a little about stags lifestyle
  • 11.30 On your way to look for stag tracks
  • 13.00 Apéritif and gourmet picnic
  • 14.00 Ongoing search for stag tracks
  • 16.45 Back to your cabin
  • 17.00 Time to get settled and start forest observation
  • 19.00 Gourmet dinner served at the cabin


Day 2

  • 8.30  Breakfast brought to your cabin
  • 11.00 Departure

Staff on site :

Our local correspondent will make sure your programme runs smoothly

Gear needed :

  • Hiking boots
  • Hiking clothes
  • Raincoat
  • Change of clothes
  • Warm nightwear


Physical challenge:

You should be able to go hiking without any difficulty ( distances adapted to group formations)


Vienne and Brenne are blessed with an oceanic climate. Indeed, they are located close to the Atlantic, which gives them a cool climate in the summer and mild weather in the winter. This is shown in the yearly average temperature of 14,4°C. As to rains, they range from 600 mm to 850 mm a year. Sunshine hours are close to a high 1900 a year.

How to get there ?

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By plane

  • Poitiers Airport

By road (aller réserve du Pinail, retour cabanes)

  • 3h15 from Paris
  • 1h30 from Tours
  • 2h00 from Orléans
  • 1h00 from Poitiers
  • 1h00 from Futuroscope
  • 1h00 from Limoges
  • 30 min from Châteauroux


On demand


 On demand

* Prices include

  • 1 country picnic
  • 1 gourmet dinner
  • 1 nature guide for a day
  • Cabin
  • Staff services
  • Supervision
  • Guaranteed financial funds deposited in Connexion Nature


* Prices don’t include

  • Transportation to reach La Rochelle
  • Alcoholic drinks and snack time soft drinks
  • Tips and personal expenses
  • Individual insurance



Your nature stay takes place in the wilderness and we remain dependent on fauna roaming this complex ecosystem. We will explain all that pertains to the stag’s life and habits in its natural surroundings but can’t unfortunately guaranty a sighting of a stag.

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The unusual bell of the stag (group)
The unusual bell of the stag (group)

You will go looking for stags at the time of belling, surrounded by an untouched and preserved ecosystem.

The unusual bell of the stag (group)

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  • Audience : Group
  • Duration : 1.5 days / 1 night
  • Place : Poitou / Brenne
  • Maximum number : 27 persons
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Donatien du Rostu
Settled for more than 20 years in the heart of the forest of Moulière near the Reserve of the Pinail, he knows each corner of this mythical place.
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