Seminar sails and high tide at the Ile de Re

About your stay (limited to 28 people )


From La Rochelle, you will be taken by shuttle to a character hotel located in Saint Martin de Ré harbor. The next day, your group will leave on a catamaran to “the Lumberjack’s bench” during a high tide.  After beaching your craft you will hunt for a variety of sea shells (razor blades, scallops) with Dany your guide,  leading you to the discovery of an impressive eco-system.

Sailing back to La Rochelle amateur sailors will have a chance to assist the Captain in his maneuvering.

Schedule :

 Day 1 :

  • Transfer from La Rochelle to your Hotel on Ile de Ré.  
  • Seminar and lunch
  • Authentic dinner by the harbor


Day 2 :

  • Leaving on board the Catamaran and  grounding on “The lumberjack’s bench”
  • Guided introduction and first experience to foot fishing
  • Shell fish tray served on “the bench”
  • Back to railyway station or to airport

Shellfish search on "le banc du bucheron"(the Lumberjack’s bench)

Exceptional location, « the Lumberjack’s bench » is a short lived sand island which appears and disappears during high tides, thus offering to ground the boat on very high tides and to discover its wealth and curiosities. Indeed, an extraordinary wildlife is awaiting; Scallops, clams, razor shells, longnecks, smooth clams, white sea urchins, and many more are dwelling well settled in this little paradise.

 This is the time to awake all your senses, while the tide inexorably keeps going away, the birds are the first to invade the place, fearless fishers leaving behind only their lunch’s leftovers.  With the use of many give-aways left by these sand lodgers, we will learn how to trace them back and how to catch them with a maximum of respect for this serene and fragile unique eco-system.

Sailing aboard the catamaran


After swapping with « Dan », your guide and Stephane the Captain, onboard the boat you will take time to admire the charming harbor of Saint Martin de Ré from the sea.  Passed its outside walls, you will be sailing through sea spray towards the mythical “Lumberjack’s bench”.  Sailing fans will help with the maneuvres and curious ones will be able to exchange with our passionate “sea dogs” on fauna or sailing. If the winds allows, 131sq meter of sails will be spread for a unique sailing experience. The group will enjoy the journey protected by the wild fairing and the bimini sheltering the whole of the cockpit.

Back to La Rochelle, via la Tour Saint-Nicolas and la Tour de la Chaîne you will find yourself a few centuries back. ..

Program :

Day 1 :

  • 11.00 Transfer   to  Saint Martin
  • 11.45 Cocktail -lunch
  • 13.30 Seminar and break
  • 20.30 Authentic dinner by the harbor


Day 2 :

  • 8.30 breakfast
  • 9.30 Leaving Saint Martin on board the Catamaran
  • 11.00 grounding on “The lumberjack’s bench”
  • 11.15 Guided introduction and first experience to foot fishing on the sand strip
  • 13.00 Shell fish tray served on “the bench”
  • 14.30 Initiation to and ride
  • 17.00 arriving at La Rochelle
  • Transfer to railway station or to airport

*Timetables are likely to change according to tide

Lodgings :

The Hotel is located in a tree-planted park and offers quality services, a smiling welcome in a chic and easy going environment. In the heart of Ile de Ré, a few steps from the harbor and its antic walls, the hotel is at the image of the island.  You will appreciate calm and serenity of the place. In this authentic dwelling you will find luxury comfort. To learn more.. 

The catamaran :

The catamaran is a 16 meter long by 9 meter wide catamaran with a 35sq m pleasant and comfortable cabin. With a wide trampoline (30sq m) and a substantial sail surface (131sq m): this is a true sailing experience  that you will be sharing during a few hours.

Guidance :

All along the way a connexion-nature contact will be there to look after the successful convening of the journey.

Equipment :

  • Warm clothes
  • Waterproof windbreaker
  • Extra set of clothing
  • Bathing outfit or  pair of shorts for the bench
  • Sun glasses


Climate :

The Charantes islands and the Charante-Maritime coastline are defined by a particularly mild climate in the winter and cooling in the summer, due to ocean influence constantly changing. The islands of Ré and Oléron are surrounding the Antioch spillway, creating a real inner sea, “a small Mediterrannée” easily warmed up by the Gulf Stream and allowing very good weather conditions where thermic changes remain quite mild.

How to get there :

By car

  • Paris 467 km
  • Nantes : 146 km
  • Bordeaux : 180 km
  • Toulouse : 400 km


By TGV fast train

  • Paris-La Rochelle : 3h


By air :

La Rochelle airport/ Ile de Ré

Dates :

Upon request

Prices *:

On estimate

*Price includes:

  • Kapalouest rental (including its Captain and mate)
  • 1 welcome cocktail / local specialties and service
  • Restaurant authentic dinner
  • 1 hotel ****room per person
  • 1 sea food tray incl. service
  • 1 guide nature
  • Transfers from la Rochelle
  • Guiding
  • Connexion Nature financial guarantee


*Not included in the price

  • transport to la Rochelle (unless requested)
  • Alcoolic beverages and sodas outside meals
  • Excursions, visits and optional activities
  • Tips and personal expenses
  • Individual travel insurance


Warning :

The organization have the right to change the boat trips by a bus trip if the weather does  not allow optimum security conditions.  The Lumberjack’s bench trip will then be replaced by an initiation to foot fishing in a road accessible place.  

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Seminar sails and high tide at the Ile de Re
Seminar sails and high tide at the Ile de Re
After beaching your craft you will hunt for a variety of sea shells (razor blades, scallops) with your guide leading you to the discovery of an impressive eco-system.

Seminar sails and high tide at the Ile de Re

More info
  • Audience : Seminars
  • Duration : 2 days / 1 night
  • Place : La Rochelle / Ile de Ré
  • Maximum number : 27 persons
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