Fishing and sailing adventure to Rochebonne

Fishing trip ( 5 persons mini, 7 persons maxi)


Embark on board the « Notre Dame des Flots » to enjoy decoy fishing on the plateau of Rochebonne located more than 60 miles from La Rochelle. This fishing trip is designed for both sailing amateurs, wishing to learn more about how to sail an old sailing ship in company of its captain and fishermen who will be able to give themselves over to the joys of fishing in this illustrious sea in the company of a driven fishing guide.

The fishing trip’s programme

Day 1

  • Arrival and Welcoming committee on board Notre Dame des Flots in the port of La Rochelle
  • Departure for the Rochebonne plateau
  • Dinner
  • Night on board


Day 2

  • Fishing at the break of dawn
  • Lunch
  • Fishing party
  • Apéritif and Fish dinner
  • Nighttime fishing if the tide is ok
  • Sailing


Day 3

  • Breakfast
  • Stop at a shipwreck and fishing session
  • Back to La Rochelle

Sailing on board Notre Dame des Flots

You will start your trip with a few local culinary specialties and a glass of wine, comfortably settled on Board Notre Dame des Flots surrounded by the fantastic sceneries of the old port. Having met Dan, your guide and Jean-Pierre, your Captain, you will then start sailing, envisioning yourself a few centuries back in the past as you pass the Saint-Nicolas Tower and the Tower of the Chains. Leaving the surrounding wall of the old town behind, you will reach the famous Plateau de Rochebonne through a rush of sea spray. The sailing lovers will have the chance to take the watch and take part in the sailing maneuvers. The most curious among you will have ample opportunity to interact with our two “old seadogs” and discuss fauna or sailing boats. By choosing this trip, you’ll embark on a genuine marine adventure in the company of authentic people !

Discovering the Rochebonne maritime fauna and flora

The weather is perfect, the watches continue until dawn when we finally reach the first marking buoy signaling we are in the famous zone of the Plateau of Rochebonne. This place boasts no less than 9700 hectares of hollows and bumps free for the exploring. This is a fisherman’s heaven !

At 8 am, the time has finally come to fish after a quick breakfast on site. We soon have our first catch with a superb scorpion fish caught by Fabien, proving himself truly worthy of Notre Dame. By and large, we ended up fishing 12 different species of fish that day (dorades, zeus faber, serrans, pollocks, rougets, Spanish Macquerels, etc…). This was a true festival of incredible shapes and colours. All our lures seem to do their job and yet, a few of them perform exceptionally well as for example the metal lure, in the shape of a swaying spoon, or the jig or Madaï. These really make a difference when it comes to smaller fish, given the perpetual changes of the sea floor because they spare us any loss of fishing gear.

What an incredible feeling to find ourselves in this place, on board such a ship. It feels like time is standing still…. Right then, we begin to smell a delicious aroma sifting from the kitchen. As it’s already dinner time, we start to wonder what’s on the menu. A soup, mind me a fish soup made by Pitchoune created from the scorpion fish, a few serrans and a good measure of love and comfort. Night is already upon us but we don’t want to stop, especially after the last fish caught by José, a magnificent St Pierre weighing more than 3 kgs. However, we have to face reality and come to the decision we need to prepare for a bumpier night than on the way in. Indeed, Wind has deserted us and we need the motor to get back.

In the end, the sea is calm and we head East, keeping an eye on the few fishing boats still working on the Plateau de Rochebonne. After a short night and a soon swallowed breakfast, we are on the move again, the shipwrecks await. Our fishing rods are ready and we complete our trip by fishing a few more sea basses and pollocks.

Unforgettable memories…

Apero time is upon us and we cease the opportunity to recall a few magical moments of this unforgettable fishing day.

This trip is definitely for thrill-seekers !

Dany Patier

Day 1

18.00 Arrival and Meeting of the welcoming committee
19.00 Oysters and Apéritif
20.00 Departure for the Plateau de Rochebonne
20.30 Dinner at sea
22.00 Night and watch

Day 2

7.00 Breakfast
7.45 Fishing session
12.45 Lunch
14.00 Fishing session
19.00 Apéritif
20.00 Fish dinner
23.00 Night sailing and watch

Day 3

7.30 Breakfast
8.30 Stop at a shipwreck and fishing session
12.30 Back to La Rochelle

The old sailing ship : Notre Dame des Flots :

Build in Gravelines in 1942 based on the blue prints of a herringer ship dating from 1910, the ketch Notre Dame des Flots was trawling and netfishing in the North Sea until 1974. Deemed inadequate when new fishing techniques appeared, she was disarmed and left to rot in a boat cemetery at the port of Dunkerque. In 1976, Pitchoune, Jean-Pierre and Philippe bailed her out and started restoring her themselves. This was the start of 7 years of passionate restoration work.

Since 1983, Notre Dame des Flots has been sailing constantly on all the seas of the world ! In 26 years of sailing, Jean-Pierre and Pitchoune have covered a distance of more than 300000 sea miles.

For further information on Notre Dame des Flots :


The crew of Notre Dame des Flots is made of her Captain, a Second in command, a cook and a fishing guide.

Fishing and traveling gear

  • Warm clothes
  • Rain coat
  • Change of clothes
  • Swim suit



The Charentais Archipel and the Charente-Maritime coast are blessed with mild weather in the winter and with cool breezes in the summer, thanks to perpetually shifting oceanic influences.The isles of Ré and Oléron that surround the wort of Antioche enclose a real interior sea, “A small Mediterranean sea”. This small sea easily gets warm due to the Gulf Stream and allow for excellent climatic conditions where the changes in temperatures remain ideally limited.

How to get there

By road

Paris 467 km
Nantes : 146 km
Bordeaux : 180 km
Toulouse : 400 km

By TGV train

Paris-La Rochelle : 3h

By plane

Airport La Rochelle / Ile de Ré
Paris Orly - La Rochelle : 0h55 (flights all year round)
Southampton - La Rochelle : 1h20 (flights from March to August)
Birmingham - La Rochelle : 1h35 (Flights from May to September)
Manchester - La Rochelle : 1h55 (Flights from May to September)
Flight operated by Flybe
Bristol - La Rochelle : 1h20 (Flights from May to September)
Londres Gatwick - La Rochelle : 1h35 (Flights from July to September)
Flight operated by EasyJet :
Londres Stansted - La Rochelle : 1h25 (Flights all year round)
East Midlands - La Rochelle : 1h30 (Flights from March to October)

Dublin - La Rochelle : 1h50 (Flights from March to October)
Cork - La Rochelle : 1h10 (Flights from May to July)


See website (on the right) or contact us


See website (on the right) or contact us

* Prices include

  • The lease of Notre Dame des Flots
  • The crew fees
  • The fishing guide services
  • Aperitif
  • Meals
  • Breakfasts
  • Deposit


Prices don’t include*

  • Transportation to reach La Rochelle
  • Alcoholic drinks and snack time soft drinks
  • Tips and personal expenses
  • Individual insurance



Our company reserves its right to cancel a trip 24 hours in advance in case the weather is too bad for our being able to garanty the safety of the passagers. In case of a cancellation, Connexion Nature  will either suggest a later date or offer full reimbursement.

Nature trip grade 
Steph et Alex L.


Sur un bateau magnifique, avec un équipage chaleureux (Capitaine, cuisinier et notre guide Dany), nous avons fait une cession de pêche formidable. Partager la vie à bord avec des personnes passionnées fut un pur bonheur.
Merci à Philippe pour sa soupe de poisson, un régal !
A faire ou à refaite !!

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
Nature trip grade 


Début avril 2015, nous avons embarqué à bord de notre Dame des flots. Une très belle aventure accompagné d'un équipage confirmé, d'une bonne cuisine, de précieux conseils mais aussi de belles anecdotes concernant la vie à bord. Néanmoins, on aurait apprécié une journée de pêche supplémentaire.

Nature trip grade 

week end du 10 au 12 avril 2015

que dire qui n a pas encore été dit , un retour aux sources aux valeurs humaines car la démarche d une telle sortie ne fait se rencontrer que des personne en quête d authenticité .ce bateau respire la joie de vivre, le vécu ,le partage auquel on ne peut qu' adhérer . admiratif devant la tache accomplie du capitaine et de sa femme avec leur fils dans le même état d esprit malgré un vécu a en faire pâlir plus d un. Un guide de pêche jovial, heureux de vivre, passionné . En fait un séjour plus que bénéfique pour se ressourcer et réaliser ou se remémorer que le bonheur est parfois simple a apprivoiser. En conclusion: A vivre sans modération. merci encore aux ACTEURS

Nature trip grade 
sébastien GUERIN

je recommande

si vous aimer la pêche, les poissons, la nature et le contact avec les éléments...
Mais aussi la voile, naviguer, la mer, les vieux bateaux, les belles histoires de marins....
Mais aussi les gens "vrais", la convivialité, la simplicité, l'échange,la bonne humeur et la bonne ambiance...
alors n'hesitez plus ce "trip" est fait pour vous et vous serez comblés

Nature trip grade 
Alex Vallé

Un rêve devenu réalité .

Qu'il est beau ce bateau , un vieux grément magnifiquement restauré .
Au diable le Grand Pavois et autre salon nautique . Du pur bonheur pour piloter et prendre les quards , pour un " voileu " du dimanche .
Quand à la pêche sur Rochebonne , génial , que d'émotions !!! du vrai plaisir de pêcheur .
Une aventure à refaire en compagnie d'un équipage et guide super .
Bon vent et à bientôt .

Nature trip grade 
Jule hop

Juste incroyable

Moment de pure bonheur avec un équipage et un guide extraordinaires. Une session de pêche mémorable avec une diversité de poissons étonnante. J'ai pris mon premier Saint Pierre. Merci Pépo, Pitchoune, Fabien et bien sûre Dany pour cette aventure marine hors du commun.

Nature trip grade 
nathalie et olivier

week end du 13 au 15 juin 2o14

Il n'y a pas de mot pour décrire un week end si exceptionnel. Un bateau magnifique un équipage au petits soins. Une pêche miraculeuse vu les conditions météo pas très favorables. Merci à dany pepo fab ET pitchoune sans qui nous serions affamés lol. Depaysement garanti, en revenant nous avions l'impression d'être partis 3 semaines en vacances. Nous reviendrons !

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Fishing and sailing adventure to Rochebonne
Fishing and sailing adventure to Rochebonne

Embark on board the « Notre Dame des Flots » to enjoy decoy fishing on the plateau of Rochebonne located more than 60 miles from La Rochelle.

Fishing and sailing adventure to Rochebonne

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  • Audience : Passionates
  • Duration : 1.5 days / 2 nights
  • Place : La Rochelle
  • Maximum number : 7 persons
  • From 590€TTC / pers

590,00 €

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