Survive in Fontainebleau Forest

About the seminar :

Go group trekking for an initiation to survival  techniques in the sumptuous Fontainebleau forest.  Learn to build a basic shelter, to set up water filtration, to manage orientation, to spot edible plants, and to start a fire with locally found materials. All these activities will emphasize the group capacity to domesticate nature in the event of hard blow.

Schedule :

Day 1 :

  • Arrival & Welcome
  • Seminar
  • Lunch
  • Survival animation
  • Apéritif
  • Dinner
  • Night


Day2 :

  • Breakfast
  • Work session
  • Lunch
  • End of seminar

Survival in the Fontainebleau forest

 You may have to face one day an uncomfortable situation, an emergency, a danger during a walk in the forest. What would then be the first actions to take ? How to overcome this ordeal with only what you have at hand?  Make the best of the Fontainebleau forest enchanting setting to get initiated to survival skills by specialists.

After a conditioning session with your guide, you will leave in groups for orienteering skills in the heart of the Fontainebleau Forest with frequent trials related to survival techniques.  Get orienteering skills trying to read a map and using a compass made from scratch. Build a basic shelter to protect yourself from the elements of nature. Thirst will quickly be here, this is when you will have to fetch some water learning to filtrate and to purify it. One solution: light a fire such as our ancestors would have done in pre-historical times.  Lastly, learn to make dinner from edible plants that you will spot at first glance thanks to your coach’s instructive advice. A unique experience which will allow you to tie new bonds with your colleagues.

 The Fontainebleau  Domain:

The Fontainebleau forest spreads over 25 000 hectares between Seine-et-Marne and Essonne departments.  Made of several forest areas which are the Massif des 3 pignons (3 300 hectares to the West), the domain forest of Fontainebleau (17 081 hectares to the East), the domain of La Commanderie (1 272 hectares) and the domain of Nanteau (1 100 hectares), this territory shelters an outstanding biological diversity together with unique geological features. In between moor countryside and environment reminding of the ones found on the Mediterranean coast, the Fontainebleau domain shelters no less than 1200 animal and plant species. Also this forest is known worldwide for its sandstone rocks for the amateur climbers’ joy. Thanks to its rolling topography, it offers a large range of signposted trails and breathtaking sightseeing spots!

The Program

Day 1 :

  • 09:00 am: Greeting at the hotel ****
  • 09:30 am: Seminar
  • 11:00 am: Break
  • 11:15 am : Seminar
  • 12:30 am: on-site lunch
  • 02:30 pm : Departure for the Fontainebleau Forest
  • 03:00 pm : Start of survival session
  • 07:00pm : Apéritif in the Forest
  • 08:00pm : Forest Inn dinner
  • 11:00pm : Back to the hotel****


Day 2 :

  • 08:30am : Breakfast
  • 09:00am : Seminar
  • 10:45am : Break
  • 11:00am : Seminar
  • 12:30 am: Lunch
  • 02:30 pm: Departure

Supervision :

Throughout your stay a host from "connexion nature" will be is present at all times to ensure the smooth running of your trip.

Seminar and accommodation location :

Your team will be greeted in a 4-star hotel offering a seminar room best adapted to your expectations, in pleasant surroundings favorable to group work.  Located on the outskirts of the Fontainebleau forest, this hotel offers a wide range of services such as heated outdoor swimming pool, Spa, Solarium, gym and tennis court perfect for your nature activity.

Equipment :

  • Hiking shoes / sport shoes
  • Hiking sportswear
  • Waterproof clothes according to the weather forecast
  • Change of clean clothes

Physical strain :

Hiking (5 km distance)

Location :

The Fontainebleau forest is located South of the Ile-de-France area in the Seine et Marne department (77)  70 km from Paris and 17 km from Melun.

Climate :

The Fontainebleau area is subject to a temperate ocean climate. One can sometimes notice a high temperature gradient between day and night, with a deviation up to 10°C. Nevertheless, this area meets the national rain (700mm of rain per year with a rather homogenous distribution throughout the year) and sun (70 full days of sun with a total of 1689 hours) averages.

How to get there :

  • By car or by bus
  • By train: Paris Gare de Lyon  - Fontainebleau Avon railway station

Dates :

Upon request

Price *:  

Upon request , maximum 120 persons

*Price includes :

  • 1 greeting coffee
  • One seminar room to your disposal (and/or theater room) for 2 days
  • Breaks
  • 2 meals + 1 festive meal in a forest inn
  • 1 night (double room, twin et priviledge)
  • 1 breakfast
  • Survival animation and apéritif
  • 1 guide for 20 persons
  • One bus transfer between the seminar site and the forest session site. 
  • Deposit


*Price does not include

  • Alcoholic and soft drinks outside planned meals and breaks
  • Tips and personal expenses
  • Individual travel insurance


Warning :

The Connexion Nature session takes place in a natural environment. We therefore remain dependent on the weather forecast.

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Survive in Fontainebleau Forest
Survive in Fontainebleau Forest

Imagine one day, you have trouble in a forest ecosystem. Learn how to survive with our guides and create a team building spirit.

Survive in Fontainebleau Forest

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  • Audience : Entreprise
  • Duration : 1.5 days / 1 night
  • Place : Fontainebleau
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