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  • team building developpement durable
  • Between scrubland & Calanques
Around our nature trips

    The Calanques’ National Park is a haven for biodiversity and beauty. As much on earth as underwater, each corner of this site opens to a thousand and one surprises for anyone who will take the time to discover it.
  • THE GANNET : a sea kamikaze

    It is quite common to see some gannets on the French shores. Belonging to the sulidae family and originating from Scotland, this bird most often comes from England to spend the winter in France. With a wingspan of almost 1.9 meter the Gannet is the largest sea bird in Europe.
  • The wild boar

    Adulated as much as hated, the wild boar remains an emblem of the forest wildlife and remains a delicacy, as well as for our irreductible gauls! To meet him, put your boots on and sharpen your sense of observation during your next expedition in the wild!
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